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Intastellar Holding Corporation is a private owned Investment and Holding Corporation with Headquarter in Sonderborg.


At Intastellar Holding Corporation we work to bring best qualtiy to our customers. With roots in Germany and Denmark, we need to provide our customers the quality they expect from a Company with roots in Germany. We work until the customer is satisfied with the work, wich we deliver. At Intastellar Holding Corp. we work every day to live up to this responsibility, to provide all customers the same amount of attention, with out losing quality in the product.

More than 5 years experience

At Intastellar Holding Corp. we have more than 5 years experience of webdevelopment.

Brands of Intastellar Holding Corp.

Our philosophy

Corporate Governance

Intastellar Holding Corporation strives to apply the principles of healthy corporate governance.

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We are working for a better world - both in the company enviorment and our enviorment. We are hearing to our employees, all are working hand in hand - it is not important what kind of sex you are or what kind of sex you love. All employees are diffrent and that is a good thing.

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Intastellar Holding Corporation Divisions

Intastellar Holding Corp. has three main division in witch its operates in.


With Intastellar Invest, we invest in other Companys. Intastellar Invest main task is to find and invest in other types of company who matches our philosophy and vision.

  1. Invest in new Companys
  2. Invest in home region
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Intastellar Websolutions develops websolutions and websites, for business customers and private customers. Intastellar Websolutions can hold other companies as well.

  1. Website creation
  2. Develop new Websolutions
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Intastellar Pictures invest in video- / filmproductions and employ photographer under they own brand or in another brand of the Intastellar Group / Intastellar Holding Corp.

  1. Photography
  2. Filmproduction
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Advertisement & Marketing

Intastellar Media Group managing digtial ads accounts, creating sales & marketing solutions for small companys.

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Graphic design
  3. Managing digtial ads accounts
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Intastellar Holding Corp. har på Førstevalg formået at udvikle vores hjemmeside. Han har selv kommet med udkast til layout og adviseret os omkring de informationer han havde brug for fra projektets side – for at siden kunne blive operationel. Han har via samarbejde med SOSU skolens kommunikations afdeling etableret en hjemmeside hvor de forskellige regler og krav der er til hjemmesider, bliver overholdt. Nils Ole Rasmussen, SOSU Syd

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Intastellar Holding Corp.
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In the heart of Sonderborg

Our offices are placed in the heart of Sonderborg. Sonderborg is the largest and the capital city of the region with ca. 30.000 citisens.